Tállyabor - Tállya

“It wasn’t the rain that was too much, but because of the mild winter the germs survived. We tried to protect the plants by pulling the bark off and then spraying the trunk with sulphur. And we partly managed: although the crop was half of what it would have been in a better year, some nice dry and late harvest wines came into being. Most of them were put into barrels. Tállya needs more ageing. There is enormous potential in this area and maybe it’s the Hasznos vineyard that is the closest to my heart”
István Hudák

Winemaker: István Hudák

The vineyards the 2014 wines are made from: Dongó, Patócs, Hegyes, Görbe, Hasznos, Bohomály, Palánta, Remete, Sipos, Borkút, Pipiske, Vároldal
Area: 38 ha
Annual production: in 2014 20,000 bottles // Average yearly production: 45,000 bottles