Tállyabor - Tállya

Tokaj 2015 vintage report

“We are not looking for the easier way” – István Hudák 


Well guys, largely it wasn’t bad. I mean in the vineyard. We constantly had to walk around the vineyards and do canopy management, protecting the grapes. However, we hardly had to spray as in the heat there were fewer pest attacks.


Why was it Tállya?

I'm from Mád but Tállya is very exciting. Only a few people know that it’s a Flemish village; the French settlers were brought here by the wife of Béla III. We’ve got loads of beautiful parcels – whenever I can, I spend most of my time there. For me, it’s the most important place and is where everything is determined. We only do fine tuning in the cellar.


You said there was intense heat. Did you have to change anything?

We started early in the vineyard: we began harvesting at the beginning of September. We picked according to vineyard, in several smaller batches in the mornings and we selected by hand with a small permanent team. The press was in constant operation. We are seeking new plots and cooler parcels are becoming increasingly important for us. We are not looking for the easier way. If you look around here, there are loads of places we can’t reach by tractor.