Telmo Rodriguez 2012, La Liga – the Spanish League

Telmo Rodriguez is a cool guy. He’s a long-haired, handsome Spaniard who even at the time of our first encounter enchants us with his straightforward, natural way of thinking, his attitude towards the local varieties and to forgotten wine regions. He talks about values we also believe in. He makes his wines from organically cultivated grapes, in a natural way, with spontaneous fermentation in Spain’s better known wine regions and also in such neglected areas where the old vines on the stony terraces have been grown over by bushes and trees. In February, we tasted all of Telmo’s wines and this time around we’ve brought in three modern, cosmopolitan reds from three influential wine regions: from Rioja, Toro and Ribera del Duoro. At the beginning of the summer, we’ll continue the line with his light bistro wines.

Telmo Rodriguez Toro Telmo Rodriguez Rioja Telmo Rodriguez Ribera del Duero


Named after the bull, Toro is a unique wine region in the northwest of Spain, in the Zamora province and is known for its robust, full-bodied reds. 8,000 hectares of vineyards in the Duero valley where medieval bodegas, wineries built underground, are still distinctive landmarks and provide the professional foundations of the region. It’s a stony, pebbly area with an extreme climate where summers are very hot and winters are cold, planted with ungrafted, ancient, bush vines with grapes spreading out all over the ground. 


Ribera del Duero

A 2000-year-old wine region located in the upper reaches of the Duero with such stars as the Alion and Vega Sicilia wineries. There’s mixed soil on top of clay and sandy subsoil, extremely high temperature changes and little rain at a height of 750-800 metres. Its main variety is Tempranillo (or as it’s called here: Tinto Fino or Tinta del País), from which typically deep-coloured, fruity, high-acidity wines with long ageing potential are made.



Rioja is a northern Spanish wine region that is situated on the two banks of River Ebro, in a 40 km wide valley. Ever since Roman times, grapes have been grown on 700-metre-high terraces. 90% of the wines made here are red, mainly from the Tempranillo variety. Its full-bodied, tannic, masculine wines have made it the most well-known Spanish wine region. Earlier Rioja’s wines were famous for their long oak barrel and bottle ageing. Telmo Rodrigez makes his wines with a modern take on them, even in this traditional wine region.