The first seven from Ambrus Bakó's 14 limited availability wines

"2013 was a remarkable year for white wine but it was also a very extreme vintage. Due to the cold, long and wet spring, I faced the latest bud break ever at the end of April. Then the heat in July evoked that of 2012. Following August 20, not only the holidaymakers but also the sun disappeared from the Balaton. The good news was that for precisely this reason, the grapes kept their acidity, along with a good amount of sugar. Then when the summer returned on October 7, those who had kept the healthy bunches out were glad. Aromatic, vibrant whites with good acidity came into being. With sensitive varieties such as Riesling, the good type of botrytis appeared and it can be recognised in some of my wines. The philosophy hasn’t changed: pure and natural wines, from selected bought-in grapes made without any intervention. 2013 was so colourful and the different vineyard plots so diverse that I tried to deliver wines from every parcel, every barrel, tank and glass carboy used, even if in such limited amounts as 48 bottles, so that they are able to introduce themselves individually from Badacsony. This is the first seven now."