Tokaj 2015 Vintage Report

“I cannot imagine another engine at the front of this train than Tokaj. We can only get back on the world map like this.” – Zoltán Demeter, winemaker

2015 – fruit, flowers, spices


“I love Tokaj! It’s my favourite wine region and an absolute world sensation, a semi-finalist, or even more, a world champion.

On the serious side, it’s the extraordinary mesoclimate, the extremely diverse volcanic soil structure and the uniqueness of the grape varieties that make it what it is. One of the world’s most remarkable wine regions, if not the most.

2015 was a truly outstanding year, even if winemakers don’t value it that highly – of course, ‘professionally’ they must place great emphasis on ageing potential, but for us, the hedonistic consumers who are just living for the moment, this is less of a compulsory criteria. And if we don’t take any of these into account, 2015 was exceptional because it offers something that no other vintages did before. Namely, that the dry wines also muster up the incredible richness of aromas and flavours typical of the sweet ones, and it can make a lot of people appreciate the greatly acknowledged but possibly less favoured Tokaj dry wines. It’s incredibly important that a story has a serious past, but it also has to have a present, and even more, a view of the future so that it doesn’t just try to survive off its old fame. I think in this aspect Tokaj is on the right path.” – Tamás Kovacsik


Tamás, the owner of the Aszú restaurant, has been a good friend of ours for more than 20 years and we can’t imagine an annual Tokaj vintage report without him. He regularly tastes with us and joins us on our tour of the wine region. 


Zoltán Demeter – Tokaj >>

Sauska Tokaj >>

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István Balassa – Tokaj >>

Gizella Pince – Tokaj >>

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Tokaj Nobilis – Bodrogkeresztúr >>

István Szepsy – Mád >>

Tállyabor – Tállya >>

Oremus – Tolcsva >>

Gróf Degenfeld – Tarcal >>

Samuel Tinon – Olaszliszka >>

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