Tokaj 2017 – The seventh

We went to Tokaj for our annual report. It’s a fairy tale number. A lot of things have changed over the seven years.

The weather, for example, has perceptively changed: alongside the hot and sunny southern slopes, cooler sites have been slowly increasing in value. The style has changed: next to Tokaj’s minerality, more floral wines and wines with good drinkability are being made in the region. The winemakers have also changed: they’re digging even deeper into the questions of vineyards, soils, the aspect of the slopes and grape growing. After the villages, they’re dissecting the role of the vineyards, then after the vineyards the role of the parcels. And of course, we’re also changing: first, we tried to condense everything into one day. Now, we spend five days in the wine region, in order to quiz everyone about the current vintage and also about the more mature, aged wines. Seven years ago, we visited winemakers, now we caught up with friends.


In the autumn of 2011, one of our first Facebook posts was a picture in front of our Lánchíd utca shop, ‘We are off to Tokaj’. Underneath, the first comment was: ‘Ok, but who are you???’


We are the Bortársaság team and we ask each other every year whether we should go to Tokaj for the annual report. And every time, we decide that we should of course go. Sometimes, it’s because we discover new winemakers, other times it’s because the weather was so bad all year round that even we can’t believe it – in Tokaj they could even make exceptional wines in 2014. Sometimes we just go for fun because the vintage was as perfect as it was in 2017.


Sauska – Tokaj >>>
Kikelet Pince – Tarcal >>>
Tokaj Nobilis – Bodrogkeresztúr >>>
Montium – Legyesbénye >>>
Bardon – Erdőbénye >>>
Oremus Pince – Tolcsva >>>
Tállya Wines – Tállya >>>
István Szepsy – Mád >>>
Zoltán Demeter – Tokaj >>>
TR Művek – Tállya >>>
Kaláka pince – Tállya >>>
Gizella Pince – Tokaj >>>
István Balassa – Tokaj >>>
Homonna Szőlőbirtok – Erdőbénye >>>

We can see the bubbles at the end of the tunnel >>>