Tokaj Nobilis - Bodrogkeresztúr

“Winemaking for me is a lifestyle and not a profession. I’m a local girl, and we have been walking in the forest and along the banks of the river ever since I was small. When I was older, I worked in the vineyard under the forest. It was not the love of wine but rather the closeness of nature that enchanted me, well before my family let me close to wine. At a really young age, the experience of freedom, nature, the trees, the chirping of the birds, determined that I shall become a winemaker.”


Barakonyi on the edge of Bodrogkisfalud, rhyolite tuff and its alluvial deposits, the soil is poor in humus, eroded

Csirke-mál at the edge of Bodrogkisfalud, on top 40 cm of very compact “nyirok” clay soil, underneath rhyolite and rhyolite tuff, on the highest

“Susogó” part of the vineyard, andesite

Winemaker: Sarolta Bárdos (39)

Foundation of the cellar: 2000

Area: 6 ha in two vineyards

Annual production: from 3,000 to 20,000 bottles depending on the vintage

Winemaking and typical wine style: harvest in several sweeps, selected, destemmed, but not crushed bunches, instead carefully pressed. Free-run and pressed juice processed together, following a 24-hour settling, the single-vineyard wines fermented spontaneously. Barrel and tank, based on the style of the wine, mixed. Since 2012, lighter, rather reductive estate wine and complex single-vineyard wines that emphasize the character of the vineyards.