Tokaj Nobilis - Bodrogkeresztúr

"I like 2013. Finally a year when there’s good acidity and the distinctive Tokaj character can dominate. We didn't carry out malolactic fermentation in order to keep the wines tight and enjoyable in the long run, enabling them to be laid down. They’ll be so beautiful in six years time. For us it’s almost the dream vintage; outstanding for both dry and sweet. The shrivelling of the berries starts early around here. Luckily, there was no hail damage this year either. Bodrogkeresztúr somehow always escapes the hail. Our only annoyance was the caterpillar of the butterfly called Willow Beauty, which chewed the buds down to the base at the time of flowering. We suffered a lot because of it as it destroys the vineyard. In the Barakonyi 15% of the vines were damaged because of it. We protected against it with pheromone traps.” - Sarolta Bárdos

Winemaker: Sarolta Bárdos

Vineyards: Barakonyi, Csirke-mál

Foundation of the winery: 2000

Area: 6 ha

Annual production: 12-15,000 bottles


Opposite the Bogrogkeresztúr cellar, on the other side of the road is the winery’s new guesthouse. It’s a traditional farmhouse with a porch, renovated in a contemporary style. We chat and taste the 2013 wines here, and immediately we feel at home. Saci manages the winery: creates the wines, manages, tastes and smiles. The estate has nicely found its place in terms of size, style and technology. Lengthy fermentation with naturally occurring yeast. The typical pear and spicy notes reappeared in the wines and here again we encountered the buoyant acidity that characterises the vintage.