Tokaj Nobilis - Bodrogkeresztúr

“We were selecting constantly: lots of grapes ended up on the ground and only a few in the cellar. From 2014, there’s only a Barakonyi Hárs. In Tokaj, one has to look at several years together. Earlier, I thought I couldn’t make aszú every year, but now I know that there could be critical vintages for dry wine as well. Still we did develop a lot during last year, too: the guest house was completed, the equipment necessary for making traditional method sparkling wine arrived, and Stéphanie and I went on a serious professional trip to France.”
Sarolta Bárdos

Winemaker: Sarolta Bárdos

The vineyard the 2014 wine is made from: Barakonyi
Area: 6 ha
Annual production: in 2014 4,500 bottles // Average yearly production: 12-15,000 bottles