Tokaj Nobilis - Bodrogkeresztúr

Tokaj 2015. vintage report

“2015 was about organic cultivation for me” – Sarolta Bárdos 


We had a good, easy to handle vintage, although it was lacking in rain. Even though there was a bit of powdery mildew, we had an easy job from the point of view of plant protection. In July, we started dropping the clusters where the vines suffered from the drought. At the end of July, following the green harvest, it was practically obvious how much yield we would have. We started the harvest early and that’s how we managed to finish it before the big rains. I’ve never had such an easy fermentation period, everything happened without a single problem in the cellar.


Stéphanie Berecz says that despite the heat, her 2015 wines are pronouncedly lively. Do you have the same experience?

Absolutely. The aromas might be slightly less intensive compared to 2014, but the structure of our wines is focussed. We harvested early and that helped to maintain the acidity. In such great heat, the acid is absorbed into the berries and we can’t measure it. That’s why the first measurements can be worrying, while later during fermentation it can grow by 1-1.5 grams.

In 2015, we changed to organic cultivation on all our vineyards, although before that I’d always strived to get as few chemicals into the grapes as possible. I’m really curious to see whether we can taste the difference in the wines.