Tokaj Nobilis – Bodrogkeresztúr

“I’m the one on the hill who keeps their trees”

We always arrive late at Saci Bárdos’, and this year we finish the first day at hers. It’s pouring rain outside and we are tasting inside. Saci always has good stories, and her wines are getting more and more delicious every year. As we reach the ‘staked’ Furmint, everyone is put off a bit. One has to see it. The next day we wake up, we get stuck in the fresh mud by the car and we climb up to the top of the Barakonyi in the still dewy grass. Underneath us, everything is pure stone, staked vines stand scattered but stick straight into the steep vineyard. No machine can come in here. 



“I loved 2016 a lot more than anyone else in the wine region. In 2017, we have nice aromas with good acidity and structure. It’s a sensational vintage in both sweet and dry. We started the harvest on August 29 and we picked everything by the end of September.”