Underground resistance - Three beers for the hot days

Members of the underground resistance from among our team, who are also beer enthusiasts, have been meeting up sub rosa once every six months over the last few years in the office of our Lánchíd shop. We understand each other by half words and we communicate with secret beer expressions. The aim of these meetings is to collect our biannual experiences, taste and choose the beers that are suitable for the selection in the given season. It’s light and fresh bitters for the summer, while for the winter we look for heavier, spicier and fuller styles. It was the same this time around as well. On a May morning, we tasted several beers while convincing ourselves that one cannot spit out beer and that it has to be swallowed to get a full sensory experience. The result was thus reached and we’re offering these beers for the summer.


Távoli Galaxis (A galaxy far way)


We had it last year and we applauded it back.


Brewery: Rothbeer Brewery
Volume: 0.33 l
Type: American IPA
Alcohol: 6.1%
IBU: 70
SRM: 10
ºB: 14,3

Schatzi Búza (wheat beer)


Fresh, thirst-quenching wheat beer; we knew by the first gulp that it’s got to be in our selection.


Brewery: Monyó Brewing
Volume: 0.33 l
Type: Bavarian wheat beer
Alcohol: 6.1%
IBU: 11
SRM: 5
ºB: 13,1

No Hop Limit


A real IPA with which to let your hair down, oozing delicious bitterness and flavours.


Brewery: Hopfanatic Sörfőzde
Voluma: 0.33 l
Type: double IPA
Alcohol: 8,5%
IBU: 100
SRM: 14
ºB: 22



Catalogue of secret expressions:

IBU: IBU scale (International Bitterness Units scale) indicates the bitterness of the beer on a scale. The higher the number, the more bitter the beer is. For example, a Bohemian Pilsner is between 35 and 45.
SRM: they rate the colour of the beer with this rating; above 40 we’re talking about black beer.
IPA: India Pale Ale is a top-fermenting beer, which means that yeast floats on the top of the beer during fermentation. It’s Indian because during colonial times the British had to ensure the quality of the beer while shipping it to India, which they solved with the intensive use of hops.
ºB: Degree Balling is a percentage indicating all the dry material (everything in the beer that isn’t water) of the juice before fermentation. Practically speaking, it shows the body of the beer.