Vis Vitalis – Mineral water from Pannonhalma

Benedictine monks have been drinking water from the well that’s known by the locals as the Well of King Béla for centuries. This pristinely pure water has a healing effect and it was decided five years ago that they would bottle it. It is going to take decades before the investment pays off but that’s not the primary aim. As with the winery, they planned for the long run with Vis Vitalis as well.

The inspiration was Benedictine monk Ányos Jedlik, inventor of soda water, when they started dealing with water at the abbey. That’s how the shape of the bottle came about: it recalls the shape of the soda bottle. They only bottle one-tenth of the amount compared to the more well-known mineral waters, as quality comes first. “People already pay attention to what they eat, but they don’t pay attention to what water they drink”, that’s what they wish to change at the abbey. Within only a couple of months, the water has reached eight countries and in Hungary one can taste it at the best hotels and restaurants. We also brought some in two formats, for the spring and summer, for the shops and the wine school.