We can see the bubbles at the end of the tunnel

What’s also good in Tokaj is that there’s always something to think about. Such an epic subject is for example the past, present and international prospects of Furmint. People do meditate, argue about it, or it might even make friends fall out for years. The latest hot subject is the question of traditional method sparkling wine. It’s thanks to the open-minded, engaged and often pioneering winemakers that the ‘home-made’, small batch traditional method sparkling wines have appeared in this wine region.

One of the pioneers of this subject is Zoltán Demeter, who has been long been going to Champagne to taste and later made himself a pain in the neck of the ‘local authorities’, until they even changed the regulations. The best thing in traditional method sparkling wine is that it entertains and gives joy. That way, while the self-appointed judges argue about whether it’s Furmint, Hárslevelű, the place of growth, or the phenolic character that makes it suitable for making traditional method sparkling wines, we can just enjoy the drinks made here with complete openness and the greatest joy.

When we started our annual report, we only tasted dry wines. Then we were happy to get astounded again by Tokaj’s miracle – the sweet wines. Now, here is our first annual report in which traditional method sparkling wines also appear alongside the still wines. Maybe we can see the bubbles at the end of the tunnel?