Zoltán Demeter

„Maybe this special vintage was necessary so that after 13 years myself and Bortársaság could get to know each other again. The vintage made it obvious that something is happening in the world that both nature and winemaker should adapt to. The starlings knew what their task was: they arrived a month early, and we started the harvest at the beginning of September, instead of the usual end of October. One can only make good wine in big freedom, and a credible estate wine is only made if people stand behind it and the place of growth verifies them. This is more and more important in my thinking.”


Szerelmi loess
Kakas porous, zeolite rhyolite tuff, mixed forest soil
Lapis clay, dense-structured, rhyolite tuff, compact soil
Őszhegy loosely-structured forest soil with volcanic origin subsoil
Veres zeolite rhyolite-tuff, alluvial compact soil
Becsek Mád, white deposited rhyolite-tuff and fragmented andesite
Boda trachit alluvial nyirok soil at the edge of Sátoraljaújhely

Winemaker: Zoltán Demeter (46)
Foundation of the winery: 1996
Area: 7 ha
Annual production: 12,000 to 15,000 bottles


Winemaking and wine style: „It would be artisanal winemaking but before we found the meaning of it, we managed to undermine this category”, says the winemaker. The most important aspect is the harvest, right at the point of ripening, that’s the key to everything. Whole bunch pressing, completely clean must, with selected yeast, fermented along with classical music. „Every wine is an experiment. There aren’t two identical techniques, no two identical steps. I aspire to take few and calm steps, because the wine also comes into being by itself.” An utterly distinctive approach – extremely deep wine structure, crystal clear surface.