Zoltán Demeter - Tokaj

“My father gave me a backpack sprayer as a present at the age of 12 – he is a natural born teacher – so it was never in question what my profession was going to be. The family vineyard in the Boda was an alternative to football for me as a child. I’m a one-man production plant with the freedom that comes with it. My thought for the evening starts out on the road to realisation the next morning. I believe that the excellence of the wine region will not be revealed by the assumed or real differences in cellar technology, but rather by the differences between the places of growth.” 

Vineyards: Szerelmi Tokaj, loess on black dacite

Veres Mád, zeolite, rhyolite tuff 

Őszhegy Mád, volcanic subsoil

Kakas Bodrogkeresztúr, porous, zeolite, rhyolite tuff 

Lapis Bodrogkeresztúr, clay, dense-structured, rhyolite tuff, compact soil

Becsek Mád, white deposited rhyolite tuff and fragmented andesite

Holdvölgy Rátka, quartz rhyolite crumble, red clay

Újhegy Rátka, red clay, compact soil on a close quartz rhyolite base soil

Boda Sátoraljaújhely, trachit alluvial soil

Winemaker: Zoltán Demeter (47)

Foundation of the winery: 1996

Area: 7 ha

Annual production: 12,000 to 15,000 bottles

Winemaking and wine style: the time of harvest is adjusted to the ripeness point of the dreamt up wine, whole bunch pressing, completely pure must, fermented with selected yeast to classical music. What’s new at the cellar is an even earlier bottling date and shorter ageing time.