Zoltán Demeter - Tokaj

“Understanding the importance of Tokaj hasn’t yet materialised. Tokaj is the country’s and one of the world’s most important wine regions. It depends on us regarding what we understand and convey of its message. It’s everybody’s personal responsibility as well, whether they are a wine producer, wine lover, wine merchant or a wine judge. Vintages come one after the other, the small but expanding group of people living here sense the responsibility, work hard, understand and convey the message. Now, it’s time for the 2013 vintage, which for its uniqueness and quality of the wine has placed another serious opportunity into our hands,” – Zoltán Demeter. 

Winemaker: Zoltán Demeter

Vineyards: Szerelmi, Veres, Őszhegy, Kakas, Lapis, Betsek, Holdvölgy, Újhegy, Boda

Foundation of the cellar: 1996

Area: 7 ha

Annual production: 12,000 bottles


A new, spacious winery, with the perfectionism we come to expect from Zoli, sink tops with logos, soft jazz and a leather sofa. Rapid controlled fermentation, in a mix of tanks and barrels. Clear-cut ideas and a transparent wine selection: estate wines, single-vineyard wines, sweet top wines. He conveys a simple, comprehendible message from a complex wine region. He constantly experiments and tries to find break out points for the wine region. He agrees that dry white can be a good direction to pursue but observes that we still know very little about Furmint. How far can its restrained elegance be enhanced? Can it reach the complexity and popularity of German Riesling or the Chardonnay of Burgundy? He seeks the answer to these questions.