Zoltán Demeter - Tokaj

“Nothing is accidental in my construction. The elaborateness of the details is the measurement of the man. One can always add a bit to something perfect. If someone visits me, they will see the same attitude in the vineyard, in the winery and in the wines as well. When I started building my estate, I was blown away by the qualities of the wine region and the opportunities for uniqueness in the wine. Today, I feel the same, but with even more conviction. This wine region is capable of top standards and is predestined for world fame; it’s we who are building the fence around it. 2014 was about patience and selection. We almost harvested by individual berry. The work wasn’t less; only the bottles in the cellar were. One sparkling wine (Hárslevelű, Muskotály) and a sweet estate wine are the proof that there was a 2014 vintage. 2,100 litres from seven hectares, but I don’t feel any sadness.”
– Zoltán Demeter

Winemaker: Zoltán Demeter

Vineyards of the vintage: Szerelmi, Veres, Lapis, Betsek
Area: 7 ha
Annual production: in 2014 3,460 bottles // Average yearly production: 12-15,000 bottles