Zoltán Demeter – Tokaj

Tokaj 2015vintage report

“The wine doesn’t make itself”


We had to bring all the work phases forward because of the heat. We held on until the first day of September with the Furmint for the sparkling wine, but some tannins, which have become a natural component of the wine, dissolved from the skins of the berries due to the quick ripening.


Are there any changes in winemaking compared to the previous years?

We tried out several new things, such as the dry ice we used at the time of the sparkling wine harvest – with which we protected the grapes from warming up. Another example is that we further reduced the ageing time. This way the whole process of winemaking became faster, and my wines fruitier and more airy.


What occupies your mind the most now?

What still interests me the most is how to bring the most refined elegance to Furmint. Purity, focus, vividness – these are the things I’m seeking and trying to create in my wines. A good wine is one that can bring forth the desire for a second glass. Besides concentration, a certain kind of lightness is also necessary to achieve this. Currently, the dry category attracts a lot of attention in the wine region, although their elaboration is not final yet. Sweet wine is still an important identification tool for Tokaj and we don’t even realise how much so!