Zoltán Demeter – Tokaj

“When you’re over 50, you value the actual movements and not the sentences.”

We don’t dare to be late for Zoli Demeter. There’s always order and discipline. Both in the cellar, in his head and in the winemaking. Entering the gate in Kász, the former hunter Vizsla dog welcomes us, there’s a stork family clattering on the chimney and the sound of soft jazz drifts up from the cellar. Next to Zoli comes his daughter and his wife, Anett. As we walk across the house, through the cellar, to the terrace, we notice that the music is on at the same volume everywhere in the house. Zoli pays attention to details.



“It was one of our most difficult vintages. We carried out a lot of selection, which had we skipped, I would probably not have any wines from ’17. Even this way, only 150 hectolitres were made, but in terms of quality it’s 10/9. We experimented with French barrels, broadened the wines, but we avoided exaggeration. At this size we have the opportunity to pay attention to detail.”