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Kreinbacher Classics

The fifth


Compared to the 150-200-year-old history of the champagne houses, the fact that Kreinbacher traditional method (méthode traditionnelle in French) sparkling wines were launched 10 years ago seems like a fleeting moment. However, in a decade, they have become indispensable members of the traditional method scene.

We can honestly confess that we had to start with the basics, teaching the alphabet of traditional method sparkling wines, but we were driven by the vision that within a few years there would be consumers in Hungary who can appreciate what goes into their glasses.


We’ve been following the history of the Kreinbacher Estate, which has rewritten itself with traditional method sparkling wines. We have seen the many small details, the professional challenges and the developing participants. The first four Kreinbacher sparkling wines, the Extra Dry, the Brut Classic, the Brut Nature and the Prestige Brut laid the foundation for success.

“We’ve known from the beginning that it is only worth getting involved in traditional method sparkling wine production for the long term, it should not be regarded as a fashion trend, since in terms of knowledge and technology, it has demands that mean a commitment not for one or two years, but for decades.”

The expression ‘future classic’ is often mentioned. This is the essence of the philosophy that the estate represents and that which accompanies the entire process of making sparkling wine. The goal is to create a classic. Year after year, small adjustments and continuous refinement of technology lead the Kreinbacher traditional method sparkling wines to elegance. Sometimes, the varietal composition of the blends, other times the ageing time or a process, have been refined — the development has been continuously tangible.

Our idea of adapting the ‘champagne method’ to Somló was considered blasphemy at the time. Today, however, no one questions it, and it has even become a common practice among domestic traditional method winemakers. We focussed on the terroir with the utmost respect, as we were aware that – to quote Christian Forget, our champagne expert – technology is one thing, but traditional method sparkling winemaking is not only about the bubbles, but also about the unity and meeting of the terroir and the grape varieties.

The first traditional method sparkling wines

The first traditional method sparkling wines were made from the base wines of the 2011 vintage. According to the concept at the time, in addition to the Furmint, Chardonnay, which is also used in Champagne, played a role in the Extra Dry and Brut Classic sparkling wines, while Brut Nature and Prestige Brut were made from 100% Furmint.


Three years after the debut of the first four Kreinbacher traditional method sparkling wines, the Rosé Brut completed the five-member entry-level range.

"For us, the expression ‘basic’ is not an indication of quality, but rather means the base, a strong pedestal on which we can still build on. Magnum, Vintage, Limited Edition, Prestige Cuvée – they only make sense if there’s a certain starting point to which we can compare them to."

This is the Kreinbacher sparkler made with the highest dosage to date. Stewed apples, pears, hazelnuts and biscuits appear on the layered nose. It explodes in the mouth, the vigorous palate is enriched by blood orange and the aromas of ageing on the lees. The dosage maintains the balance with the mineral-rich base, making the palate round and the finish long. It is rich in details and has great drinkability.

49% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay, 8% Furmint, 3% Pinot Blanc
Ageing time: minimum 22 months
Dosage: 14 grams/litre

As every champagne house, the Brut cuvée is the one that most clearly reflects the style and vision of the particular house. This wine has complex aromas with white-fleshed fruits, toasty notes and flowers in the background. In addition to the typical Furmint fruit that characterises the house's traditional method sparkling wines, the Chardonnay creates the balance on the palate, and the overall picture is further coloured by a little Pinot Blanc from Somló. Grapefruit, pineapple and tropical fruits, plus the hazelnut and brioche notes of the long ageing in the background, with saltiness on the finish.

33% Chardonnay, 33% Furmint, 24% Pinot Noir, 10% Pinot Blanc
Ageing time: minimum 22 months

Dosage: 8.5 grams/litre

Made for lovers of the driest style, Brut Nature is the most honest of the cellar's traditional method sparkling wines, and therefore, also the most divisive, clearly showing the true face of the grapes.

At the beginning, they started with the simplest formula: 0 g/l dosage and 100% Furmint. Over time, the monotony of the Furmint was replaced by the excitement of the blend. It smells of nuts, white-fleshed fruits, pineapple, then notes of ageing, biscuits, butter, subtle brioche, which also returns on the palate. Pronounced acids on the palate, non-intrusive bubbles and a long finish.

33% Chardonnay, 33% Furmint, 24% Pinot Noir, 10% Pinot Blanc
Ageing time: minimum 22-24 months
Dosage: 0 grams/litre

The estate's most outstanding item in the non-vintage range has a particularly fresh character, great structure, and is at the very beginning of its development, but it already offers a great experience. Citrus and white-fleshed fruits on the nose, pineapple and vibrant citrus, vanilla, notes of ageing on the palate, then grapefruit and some saltiness on the long finish. Soft mousse, small bubbles, fine acids.

54% Furmint, 46% Chardonnay
Ageing time: minimum 24-30 months
Dosage: 8.5 grams/litre

Three years after the debut of the first four Kreinbacher traditional method sparkling wines, the rosé version was released in 2017. It’s a rosé d'assemblage, which means that red wine made from Kékfrankos, grown in the Vaskereszetes vineyard, gives its colour and some of its aromas. It is added to the base wine before bottling (and ageing), during blending. Its ratio is minimal in the mix, so that the overall effect is as refined as possible. It is characterized by fresh sour cherries, plums, raspberries, herbal notes, lively acids and soft bubbles.

51% Chardonnay, 34% Furmint, 8% Pinot Blanc, 7% Kékfrankos
Ageing time: minimum 22-24 months
Dosage: 8 grams/litre



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