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Montes - Bortársaság magazine


We love the Sauvignon Blancs of Montes, but in this case, there is much more going on than this – the team of Viña Montes went off the beaten track. They sought out a place of growth where they can stretch the variety’s and their own limits.

The name Aconcagua possibly means ‘sentinel of stone’. It’s the highest mountain in the Americas, and also in the western and southern hemisphere, which is referred to as an ‘eight-thousander’ by climbers. The highest point of the mountain range, stretching between Chile and Argentina, is Cerro Aconcagua, which with its 6,962- metre height gives an impressive view. Among such natural surroundings, in the Aconcagua Valley lies one of the world’s most amazing wine regions. Home of Montes Outer Limits.


A constellation of lots of natural factors need to come together so that excellent wine can be created. Only taking the degree of latitude into account, it would be like making wine in Tunisia. In Chile, however, the hill ranges provide protection from the hot winds that blow in from the inner parts of Argentina, and the water coming from the melting glaciers provides an ideal water source for grape growing. 


The 45 hectares of vineyards lie only seven kilometres from the sea, so the morning fog that comes in off the ocean helps the high diurnal temperature fluctuation, thus aiding with the slower, balanced ripening of the grapes and the formation of the layered, complex aromas.

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