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We are drinking Gin and Tonic once again this summer - Bortársaság magazine

We are drinking Gin and Tonic once again this summer

"At this time of summer barbecues and sipping wine late into the night, there is always a point when someone utters the unavoidable sentence: “I’d love to have a good gin and tonic.”

There are more and more fans of this cooling drink, including ourselves as well. For gin and tonic consumers and for those who are only getting to know this iconic long drink, we are showing our current favourite three. We brought one novelty gin from our favourite Japanese distillery, we tasted a gin-based blueberry liqueur from the pioneering American Koval House and also visited the first Hungarian gin manufacturer, which debuted almost a year ago. 


Nikka Coffey Gin

The whiskies of the Coffey series have achieved incredible fame during the last few years, but there is also huge demand all around the world for the gin that’s distilled 100% in column stills, thus it’s an extra pleasure that we could also get hold of it. Alongside the traditional spices, it’s Japan’s own citrus fruit (yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu and shikuwasa), the apple and the Sansho pepper’s eastern spiciness that make this gin special and unique on the market. Ornamented with lemongrass, lemon peel and lime leaf, it’s a truly refreshing experience.


Koval Cranberry Gin Liqueur

After the organic and kosher drinks, as well as the world’s first millet whisky, the latest product of the pioneering family distillery is a gin-based cranberry liqueur. Apart from the blueberry they purchase from local farmers, it is made a special, markedly fruity and bitter-sweet liqueur by the aromas of 13 different plants. We can try out an array of recipes from drinking it by itself poured on ice, ornamented with fruit and mint, accompanied by tonic, for a cocktail base or simply as a spritzer or with a splash of Prosecco.


Opera Gin

On the road to getting his WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Diploma, Bálint Dámosy realised that his real passion lies in distillates. Following two years of planning, preparation, reading, travelling and a lot of work, he established Opera Gin, which is Hungary’s first real gin micro distillery. On the site of a former cotton factory, among Budapest’s city walls, they make their London Dry style gin from pure corn alcohol with natural plants and 11 kinds of spices.

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