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March 2023

Bestillo Pálinkas

Only spirits made in Hungary from Hungarian ingredients can be called pálinkas. The formula seems simple, but nature always has surprises in store. The owners of Bestillo faced a difficult situation due to climate change, but they took some risks and looked for a solution. This is how the new Vilmoskörte Pálinka (fruit brandy made from Williams pear) and Piros Vilmos Párlat (Red Williams Pear Fruit Brandy), partly made from Italian pears, were finally made.

BESTILLO Red William's Pear Párlat

BESTILLORed William's Pear Párlat

HUF 19 300
Bottle priceHUF 19 300
Member price
HUF 17 690
BESTILLO William's Pear Pálinka

BESTILLOWilliam's Pear Pálinka

HUF 17 450
Bottle priceHUF 17 450
Member price
HUF 15 990
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Wines of the Month

We have selected five good wines for March: the new, floral, vibrant vintage of A Nyúl has arrived from the Ruppert Winery; while the 2022 Konyári Loliense Fehér (White) and an organic prosecco from Case Paolin are also making their debuts. We really liked Dávid Bökő's red from Tihany at cellar temperature, drunk in big sips. Vespres, which recalls refined Burgundian reds, is one of our great discoveries from the Spanish family winery of Josep Grau.

CASE PAOLIN Pietra Fine Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Brut 2021 (Bio)
Wine of the monthKlub price 5 500

CASE PAOLINPietra Fine Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Brut 2021 (Bio)

HUF 6 500
Bottle priceHUF 6 500
Member price
HUF 5 950
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BÖKŐ DÁVID Tihany a Balaton Partján 2021
Wine of the monthKlub price 3 400

BÖKŐ DÁVIDTihany a Balaton Partján 2021

HUF 3 950
Bottle priceHUF 3 950
Member price
HUF 3 620
RUPPERT A Nyúl 2022
Wine of the monthKlub price 2 000

RUPPERTA Nyúl 2022

HUF 2 450
Bottle priceHUF 2 450
Member price
HUF 2 240
KONYÁRI Loliense Fehér 2022
Wine of the monthKlub price 2 800

KONYÁRILoliense Fehér 2022

HUF 3 350
Bottle priceHUF 3 350
Member price
HUF 3 070
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Here are four fresh selections for March with the novelties of the month, distinctive reds from five wine regions, fresh rosés for spring, and white wine in our wine shops and online.

JUST WHITES Selection 2023

JUST WHITESSelection 2023

HUF 20 280HUF 17 200
Bottle priceHUF 20 280
On offer %HUF 17 200
JUST REDS Selection 2023

JUST REDSSelection 2023

HUF 21 980HUF 18 500
Bottle priceHUF 21 980
On offer %HUF 18 500
JUST ROSES Selection 2023

JUST ROSESSelection 2023

HUF 17 260HUF 14 500
Bottle priceHUF 17 260
On offer %HUF 14 500
MARCH Selection 2023

MARCHSelection 2023

HUF 24 490HUF 20 000
Bottle priceHUF 24 490
On offer %HUF 20 000
The product is currently out of stock.
Moët & Chandon
Moët & Chandon

Grand Vintage 2015 & Rosé 2015

Champagne is the frontline of viticulture. The weather there is capricious and extreme, and in the region of May frosts and August monsoons, only those growers who have learned to deal with the risk have been able to survive.

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