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GREEN PEARL 2021 Chinese green tea (70 g) - Bortársaság

GREEN PEARL 2021Chinese green tea (70 g)

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Green Pearl is a fresh, refreshing everyday green tea that comes from an organic tea garden. The leaves are rolled into pearls, and it comes with mild green pea skin and meadow flower aromas.

The leaves were harvested in the Zhejiang province, north of the town of Ningbo, in mid-May, 2020, from a chemical-free farm. The interesting thing about this tea is that besides the fresh green leaves, it also contains lovely buds, which make the experience even more complex. It’s a hand harvested tea that can be brewed several (4-5) times.

Hot brewing recommendation: use 85ºC water.
Cold brewing: 10 grams of tea steeped in 1,000 ml cold water put into the fridge for a whole night, the steeped for 8-9 hours before filtering.  

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