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SEBESTYÉN Bikavér Single Vineyard - Bortársaság


Bikavér Single Vineyard
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“According to our values, Bikavér, a wine built on local varieties and considered unique everywhere in the world, has received the greatest emphasis. Our first ten years were spent searching for a style, the second ten years were spent selecting and planting the sites. Out of the several vineyards we explored, we selected three markedly different ones, which over the past 11 years we’ve planted with the varieties necessary for the making of Bikavér. The outcome of this lengthy work came to fruition in 2019, when for the first time in our lives we were able to make single-vineyard Bikavér from all the three vineyards." Csilla Sebestyén

The three Bikavérs were made in the same way: manual harvesting and sorting, fermentation in open vats, punch down by hand, then ageing in second-, third- and fourth-fill 500-litre Hungarian oak barrels for two years. The Porkoláb, which is about softness, lively acids and fine minerality, is already in top form. The well-known Iván-völgy is a detailed, serious and full wine. The wine of the newly planted Görögszó, with long ageing potential is ripe, structured and pronounced – it is also the one of the trio that requires the longest time to breathe.

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