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MONTY BOJANGLES Choccy Scoffy - chocolate truffel (100 g) - Bortársaság

MONTY BOJANGLESChoccy Scoffy - chocolate truffel (100 g)

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Monty Bojangles truffles are made in a small, beautiful French town next to the Loire, in Angers, based on a recipe from 1934. Monty Bojangles makes chocolate truffles rolled in the highest quality French cocoa powder.
Besides the wonderful chocolates, the world of Monty Bojangles is also filled with colourful and graphical works of art. Every detail is the result of a lengthy planning and creative process, whether it’s about selecting the excellent quality ingredients or conjuring up the witty images on the packaging.

Intensely chocolaty French luxury truffles finished with a generous dusting of exquisite bitter-sweet cocoa.

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