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KOFER. Gin Herbs - Rose pepper - Orange - Juniper berry - Bortársaság

KOFER.Gin Herbs - Rose pepper - Orange - Juniper berry

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Carefully selected, premium quality dried fruits and spices for cocktails and long drinks.

The fruits are dried in a dryer under controlled conditions and do not contain added sugar or artificial additives.

The more characteristic spices, such as ginger, rose pepper and chili go well with heavier or spicier drinks, while hibiscus flowers or roses match the lighter, more floral taste.

Juniper berries are worth using if you want to highlight and enhance the natural aromas of gin.

Lemon and lime are the winning cards, they work well with virtually any drink.

Orange is a good choice if you want the first flavour notes to be a little sweet.


The 3-piece spice assortment has been put together so that the spices in it complement each other perfectly. Important note: there’s citrus in the packs that goes well with the other two spices in the pack, but the citrus is always combined with just one spice (don’t add both) to make the experience perfect.

For example, couple an orange ring with either a few grains of rose pepper OR a few juniper berries.

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