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SENCHA KOUFU 2021 Japanese green tea (70 g) - Bortársaság

SENCHA KOUFU 2021Japanese green tea (70 g)

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One of the most ancient tea gardens of Uji, which lies around the Kōzan-ji (高山寺) church, has been looked after and cultivated by the Yoshida family for 16 generations – that means for almost 500 years. This experience that has been built up over centuries is also apparent in their teas. Sencha Koufu is a distinctive green tea and its slight sourness refreshes and vitalises at the same time on hot summer days. Its preparation requires attention regarding water temperature and brewing time. When cold infused, it’s refreshingly crispy and to make it like this, pour 1 litre of cold water over 6-8 grams of tea leaves and put into the fridge for 3-4 hours.


Amount: 5-6 grams to 350 ml water.
Water temperature: 75 ºC. Preferably fresh spring water, mineral water or filtered water.
Infusion time: 90 seconds, number of brewings: 2.

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