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QUINTA DO POUCHAO Olive Oil (0,75 l) - Bortársaság

QUINTA DO POUCHAOOlive Oil (0,75 l)

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HUF 4 900
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HUF 4 490

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Place of growth, producer: Alferrarede, Abrantes (Ribatejo, the central region of Portugal), the middle stretch of the River Tejo (Tagus in Latin, Tajo in Spanish).

Varieties: Galega and Cobrancosa, i.e. only Portuguese cultivars

Acid content: Max. 0.2º

Aromas: Tomato salad, tomato juice and possibly a touch of grass

Flavours: The Cobra dominates it, after the tomato aroma – a tomato flavour appears for a moment, followed by a surprising pollen note alongside the vegetal bitterness. Brief pepperiness on the finish.

With what: Salads, roasted or boiled vegetables, pastas, meats, cream soups (and on top), dips

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