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GRASSL GLASS Carafe (800 ml) - Bortársaság

GRASSL GLASSCarafe (800 ml)

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HUF 15 500
For club members or over 12 pcs.
HUF 14 725

Unit price: HUF 129 167 / kg. Our prices are gross prices.

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We’ve tried it, and it is at least as good as a jug of water, as it is for pouring wine from. If someone opens an older vintage or just wants to ‘do it with style’, this decanter can be a good match for the Grassl Glass glasses. The material and shape are the same as those of the glasses, and it is also made by hand. Thanks to the slim shape, the wines aerate more gently, and it is easier to rinse them after drinking.
Size: 800 ml

We discovered the glasses of Grassl Glass when visiting Burgundy winemakers, on our last trip. The company started as a small Swiss startup in 2018, with a skilled founder who is tied to the cult estates of Burgundy and Champagne by a thousand threads. The goal was a unique and protected design, with the right-size glasses that are smaller and lighter than competing brands.

Grassl Glas glasses with proportional and timeless forms are shaped by five master glassblowers using traditional hand techniques at 1,700 degrees Celsius from crystal glass. All this is done a few hours away from Budapest.

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