HIMALAYAN EVERGREEN 2020 Nepal green tea (30 g)

Nepal green tea (30 g)

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A substantial, elegant green tea from the Himalayan hills, from a height of 1,600 metres. Excellent as a starter for the day or as an afternoon tea. It vitalizes the drinker for the whole day. It’s also great with a few drops of lemon.


It’s the everyday green tea of the Nepalese Jun Chiyabari tea garden. One bud and two leaves make up the leaves of Evergreen. They are completely hand harvested, just like the other Jun Chiyabari teas, and they endeavour to keep the tea leaves in their loveliest and freshest form. Owing to the traditional Chinese/Taiwanese manufacturing style, besides the floral and green notes, sweeter biscuit and hay notes also appear. Brewed at a lower temperature, it shows its floral side. The interesting thing about this tea is that contrary to other green teas, it keeps its strength for a long time (evergreen). It’s the green tea of several famous European restaurants.

Hot brewing: 5 grams of tea steeped in 250 ml, 80-85ºC water for 60-80 seconds. The tea can be brewed at least three times.

Cold brewing: 10 grams of tea steeped in 1,000 ml cold water put into the fridge for a whole night, then steeped for 8-9 hours before filtering.    

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