LA MAJA Arróniz Olívaolaj (0,5 l)

Arróniz Olívaolaj (0,5 l)

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Aceites la Maja, Mendavia, Navarra, Spain. It’s somewhere next to Logroño, almost in the Basque country. Rioja starts on the other side of the River Ebro. The Majas have been running the family business for 20 years, and they cultivate 80,000 trees on 60 hectares with a completely mechanised harvest. In a simple. very quick and efficient way, they make very nice products at good prices. They do everything by themselves, from the plantings through the harvest to the extrusion, and within a maximum 12 hours, the oil is made from the olives. The plantations in the Ebro Basin, the varieties and the know-how all add up to the DOP classification held by several producers in the region.

A light-, or maximum medium-strength oil with cocoa-butter, hazelnut notes and mild green herbiness, with negligible bitterness and spiciness. 100% Arróniz.

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