AGÁRDI Kökény Pálinka 0,35 l

Kökény Pálinka 0,35 l

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11 100 HUF
Unit price: 31 714 HUF / litre.
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Rounded acids, richly-layered nose, complex flavours. A “talkative” pálinka, with a lot more aromas than we would expect after the first sniff. It really possesses multiple layers. Surprisingly, it’s marzipan that dominates on the nose. But there is also the fruit bitten by the frost, with its delicious sourness. In this flavour, just like in the others, the style of the tasting master can be found. He decided where the centre, the core of the brandy, should be based according to his taste. The taste of pálinka is after all the hallmark of the tasting master.

Agárdi Distillery
0.35 l
40 alc
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