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A Dutch dry gin distilled with eight types of spices, based on a family recipe: more than 60 years ago, Jacobus Alfons (called Bobby by his family) started flavouring the local, popular jenever with Indonesian spices – he is of Indonesian origin. Based on his traditions, and following years of refining, Bobby’s Dry Gin was born. Explosively fresh lemongrass, waxy nose, enchanting, refreshingly sour and sweet palate with cinnamon, clove, fennel and orange peel.


* Jenever: The ancestor of gin, which still exists as an EU Protected Product of Origin: it can only be produced in certain parts of Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Compared to gin, other grain distillates in addition to vodka can be put into the base distillate, although the core of the aroma spectrum is also juniper. The English took up its production and consumption from the Dutch during the wars of independence of the Low Countries – then further shaped it.  

Bobby'S Schiedam
0.7 l
42 alc
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