GEOMETRIC Gin (0,7 l)

Gin (0,7 l)

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Jean-Baptist Cristini had worked as a winemaker in Burgundy and Champagne for many years, before returning to South Africa. Making spirits started out as a hobby after he got to know the incredibly diverse vegetation of Fynbos. In the same way as hops are put into gin at the brewer’s, he started making a grape-based gin, honouring the diversity of Fynbos. He is an active environmentalist whether it’s about the harvesting of the herbs in a sustainable way or supporting the endangered local tortoise species whose shell inspired the name and the logo. 

The base of this gin is given by the neutral alcohol and delicious grape brandy, into which local botanicals were put besides the juniper berries. Citrus, cardamom, Angelica, coriander, cinnamon, dried orange peel, Buchu leaf are the known ingredients that were soaked in alcohol for 14 days before the drink was distilled. 

It’s a pure and very elegant gin, with earthy notes beside the tasty citrus, and a silky, long palate. The bottle is also simply beautiful. 

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