TROUVAILLE Blossom & Hops Gin (0,5 l)

Blossom & Hops Gin (0,5 l)

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An artisanal gin with delicious spices, plus extraordinary aromas.

The gin’s maker, Tim James, is officially a beer brewer in Cape Town but when he stumbled upon an old gin recipe that contained hops, he decided to make a gin distilled from hops. Blossom & Hops is a small-batch edition that Tim came up with and his friends in Cape Town distilled it for him. Originally a Hop Gin and a Blossom Gin were made but eventually they blended the two spirits.

Beside the juniper berries being grown locally, its base is hop and citrus (lime leaf, lime flower, lemon skin), plus 11 other ingredients. The more aromatic plants were soaked in alcohol, then this flavoured alcohol was distilled with the milder, less characteristic components. All the botanicals were distilled separately, and these distillates were blended at the end. 

It has a London Dry style, a floral nose, slightly salty base, earthy hop flavours and the aromas of the lime flower.     


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