DÚZSI Fajta-Rozé Válogatás 2019 (6 palack)

Fajta-Rozé Válogatás 2019 (6 palack)

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The Dúzsi family comes out with a case-of-six selection every year, which comprises rosés made from 6 separate grape varieties. The composition of the selection is the same every year, although they came up with something new in 2019. Alongside the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot and Kadarka – this year, a Kékfrankos selection has also been put into the box (instead of the Pinot Noir). As the majority of the cellar’s wines since 2019, these special rosés are all made from organic grapes. Bence Dúzsi doesn’t solely work with reductive technology in the cellar, instead he airs the fermenting must with pouring-over and inoculates it with wild yeast. Ageing – properly for a rosé – happens in steel tanks here, then the wine is bottled during March, thus, by the time it hits the shelves, the wine has already rested in the bottle for two months. The slight oxidation that happens during fermentation helps the wine (unlike in the way most rosés are made) develop for years in the bottle, and rewards bottle ageing with the enrichment of more and more layers. According to Tomi Dúzsi, they start becoming interesting after 1-2 years of age. For buyers of the case-of-six selection, we’re giving a bottle of Dúzsi Kékfrankos Rosé 2019 as a gift.


Kékfrankos Válogatás (Selection) Rosé 2019

The family sits down together every January to blend the Kékfrankos rosés that were harvested on different dates, from different vineyards, and also made separately. That’s how the ‘Dúzsi Rozé’, that is the entry-level Kékfrankos rosé, comes into being. In 2019, they found one of the wines so exciting that they bottled it separately, and it made it into this selection.

It comes from the Leányvár vineyard, from rich soil, and organically cultivated 40-year-old vines, harvested with a low yield. It’s creamy, thick, full, fiery and peachy, with mixed ripe and fresh fruits mingled with spicy flavours. It’s the family’s favourite.    

Cabernet Sauvignon Rozé 2019

According to Tomi, it possibly has the most popular flavours among the six wines. A touch of carbon dioxide on the beginning of the palate, Sauvignon’s spicy notes with a chili kick, redcurrant and fresh grape aromas, very delicious acids and an incredibly long aftertaste.  

Cabernet Franc Rozé 2019

The greatest flavour experience of the selection with its full and long palate of pepper, bell pepper, prune, violet and perfume. It opens up the best at room temperature. The alcohol is a bit warming (14.5%), but even that suits it. It’s the apple of Tomi’s eye. 

Kadarka Rozé 2019

A very pale colour that’s almost white, despite it being kept on the skins for the longest time, for 12 hours, as opposed to the skin contact the other rosés of the selection received, of between 2 and 8 hours. 

Yellow apple, pear and citrus fruit. Slenderer than the others and also this one has the strongest acid backbone. It’s possibly the one that will age the slowest in the bottle – it will be spot-on for the autumn. 

Syrah Rozé 2019

It comes from Alsónána, from vines planted in 2000, making it the oldest plantation in the vicinity. Peppery, blackcurrant character with a touch of smokiness.

Merlot Rozé 2019

A full, flavoursome rosé with red berry fruit flavours and an oily texture. Definitely not the right choice for a spritzer, but more suitable with a meal, as it almost has the substance of a red wine. 

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