FIGULA Olaszrizling 2018 Selection

Olaszrizling 2018 Selection

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“Finally, there was an even-numbered vintage when almost everything happened the way we’d planned. August didn’t take away the acids as the night-time temperatures finally brought lower numbers. Although sugar rose intensely, it had no negative effect, neither on the complexity of the aromas, or on the acids. A serious turn was brought along by the rain at the beginning of September, we started the Olaszrizling harvest a lot later, and as a result, dense and big – at times too big – whites were fermented. During ageing, we deliberately tasted with a critical palate, seeking to find whether this density goes against elegance and place of growth character. It’s the effect of a vintage that possibly tests the most how strong the place of growth character is. Former vintages have always proved that – even under extreme weather conditions, the wine region’s character is still evident and decisive. Even the botrytis that is generated by the high autumn humidity is usually not a problem. Obviously, I’m not talking about a 30-40% infection rate, but with 5-10% botrytis, the character of our vineyards is still evident. I see the same thing in 2018 as well.

We didn’t have to make compromises. We measured and tasted, measured and tasted all autumn, then harvested at the right moment. The alcohols landed between 13.0 and 15.5, the acids were optimal and the thickness was staggering. Judging by the parameters, they will be valuable wines with good ageing potential. Of course, it’s not as simple as that because I haven’t tasted any of the wines at the age of five or ten years old. Still, six months after bottling, they are very delicious, they’re developing slowly. Now, the Öreghegy is the laziest. It’s a great experience that after 2015 we could again have Olaszrizling from six vineyards, and the story is not yet finished. After Köves, we again bottled parcel-level wines from 2018 and because of one of them, the case of six became a seven. 

On Öreghegy’s stone plateau, the sugar rose with such speed that we couldn’t harvest it for a single-vineyard wine. In this framework, the sugar rate we measured was constantly three degrees higher, and this way we couldn’t put it into the Öreghegy. Out of the Olaszrizlings, this was harvested the last, the grapes’ sugar was well above 300 grams, with lots of botrytis. During fermentation, we couldn’t handle the wild yeasts and contrary to what we imagined, the result was higher alcohol. Based on its sugar content, it’s obviously a dessert wine, but tasting it gives a completely different picture. The medley of botrytis and dried fruit aromas is followed by spices on the nose, while there’s a bitter and sweet play of flavours on the palate that comes from the character of the variety. It cannot be categorized, it’s a real eccentric, it is the seventh (Hetedik).”

Mihály Figula

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