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Selections for June

Fresh, exciting wines for the summer. on the terrace. June, June+, Just Whites and Just Rosés selections on discount in the wine shops and onlilne.

JUST WHITES Selection 2022

JUST WHITESSelection 2022

HUF 17 280HUF 15 000
Bottle priceHUF 17 280
On offer %HUF 15 000
JUNE Selection 2022
Free delivery

JUNESelection 2022

HUF 19 440HUF 17 000
Bottle priceHUF 19 440
On offer %HUF 17 000
JUNE+ Selection 2022
Free delivery

JUNE+Selection 2022

HUF 37 800HUF 33 000
Bottle priceHUF 37 800
On offer %HUF 33 000
JUST ROSES Selection 2022

JUST ROSESSelection 2022

HUF 15 120HUF 13 000
Bottle priceHUF 15 120
On offer %HUF 13 000
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Június+ Válogatás 2022
Summer, rosé, Provence.

June+ selection 2022

A sophisticated, fresh and easy to drink trump card, the Mediterrannée; and a creamy-textured, vibrant-acidity, full of life Premiere Rosé from Figuiére. Whispering Angel, which is the world’s most famous rosé, with lively acidity, a dry finish and a sourness reminiscent of grapefruit from Château d’Esclans. An elegant Provence wine with intense aromas and rich flavours from the organic estate of Château La Coste, which also offers luxury villas and restaurants managed by world famous chefs. As well as the rosé of Mas de Cadenet, made from one of the best terroirs of Provence, from Montagne Sainte-Victoire, which comes with a paler coloured, salty palate and a lively finish, made with the wine region’s three flagship varieties in the leading role. The six bottles together available at a discounted price and free delivery, only in June!

Bottle price
HUF 37 800
HUF 33 000
-13 %
Júniusi Válogatás 2022
Wines with multiple colours and flavours

June selection 2022

The swiss army knife of Provence rosés is the sophisticated and elegant Rosé Méditerranée from the Figuiére estate; a more substantial; a riper and rounder Olaszrizling from Gellavilla’s seven-hectare, organic estate; a grapey-flavoured and juicy Irsai bottled unfiltered from Kristinus in Kéthely; a hand-harvested Chardonnay, a quarter of which was aged in barrels, with classic varietal notes and delicious spiciness from Balázs Sike; the red wine to enjoy in heatwaves from the Rupperts, i.e. ‘The Garden of Talking Flowers’ (A beszélő virágok kertje) siller made 100% from Kékfrankos, and full of red berry fruits; and a new estate Bikavér, the Mozaik from Csaba and Csilla Sebestyén, made from the crop of the nicest vines made in an easy to understand and love style.

Bottle price
HUF 19 440
HUF 17 000
-13 %

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