Home delivery

Delivery days

Country: Hungary   


WOLT delivery

We can take orders every day between 11am and 9.30pm via the Wolt app, in the shops indicated on the app. The items are delivered by the Wolt delivery service.
Details: https://wolt.com/hu/hun/budapest/restaurant/bortarsasag/


FoxPost automatic lockers

The ordered items are delivered via the assistance of FoxPost Zrt. to the parcel locker selected by you within 3 working days. When the parcel arrives at the locker, the system sends an SMS and an e-mail notification to the provided contacts. The items can be picked up from the lockers within 72 hours, and if there is a weekend or holiday during this time, the deadline for the pick-up is extended automatically. For further information, please visit the www.foxpost.hu website. 


Can I drink Prosecco?

Certainly. The pallets that arrive to our storage facility go through disinfecting with alcohol in every case. After that the wines are stored in a strictly enclosed space, from where they are put on the shelves after 10 days, then into the glasses. Besides Prosecco, this procedure also holds true for all of our other wines. 


Is home delivery hygienic?

Our delivery colleagues deliver the parcels safely, wearing gloves. In the case of online payment, the circumstances of the handing over of the purchased products can be precisely arranged with our colleagues.   


How can I order if I’m not at home?

With FoxPost delivery, orders can be picked up simply and flexibly within a few days from 118 automatic parcel terminals located across the country. 

Everything is okay, the wine still goes to your home