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TROUVAILLE Blossom & Hops Gin - Bortársaság

TROUVAILLEBlossom & Hops Gin

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An artisanal gin with delicious spices but also outstanding aromas. 

The maker of the gin, Tim James, is officially a beer brewer in Cape Town, but after he’d found an old gin recipe that included hops, he decided to make his own hop-based gin. Blossom&Hops is a small batch release that was distilled by his friends in Cape Town, based on Tim's idea. Originally, a Hop Gin and a Blossom Gin were produced separately, but eventually, they blended the two gins.

Beside the juniper, it is based on locally grown hops and citrus botanicals (lime leaf, lime flower, lemon peel) and 11 other ingredients. The more aromatic plants were macerated in alcohol, and then this flavoured alcohol was distilled with the softer, less distinctive substances. Each plant was distilled separately, and these spirits were combined and blended at the end.

It’s a London dry gin with a floral nose, slight saltiness, earthy hop flavours and aromas of lime flower. 

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