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SQUADRON Vodka 303 Reservoir Auxiliaire - Bortársaság

SQUADRONVodka 303 Reservoir Auxiliaire

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A classic, ultra-pure premium vodka from England. Made from King Edward potatoes with a single but long distillation, without filtering. It’s very smooth, delicately sweet, with a biscuity flavour.

The history of Squadron 303 vodka: after the fall of Poland during World War II, the 303rd squadron of Polish pilots decided to join the RAF to continue the fight against the Germans. During the war, they made vodka from potatoes based on the recipe they’d brought from home. Due to the war situation, multiple distillation and filtering was not an option, so they distilled it only once in small copper pots. Squadron 303 commemorates these men by making the drink entirely based on the original recipe.

It’s available in different volumes: the basic, nearly 2 kg (!) ‘flat’ white bottle is a replica of the bottle used by Polish pilots, and the Auxiliaire version (which is available from us) depicts the packaging in which the heroic Polish pilots supplied their compatriots serving at other air bases.

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