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RUM NATION Barbados 8 years Rum 40% - Bortársaság

RUM NATIONBarbados 8 years Rum 40%

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Founder and owner of the company, Fabio Rossi came up with the idea of bringing the best and most characteristic rums from the Caribbean and putting them onto the market under a common brand name. The diversity of the different barrels he chose and the differences between geographical styles required a unique approach, which is why the label of the rums does not necessarily include the name of the distillery, but their region of origin. Furthermore, the bottles are decorated with the graphic designs of the postage stamps used in the country where the rums come from. The distillates are aged in two phases: first at sea level and tropical temperatures, secondly in Europe (Great Britain or Italy). Both phases created important and diverse aromas, and they can also influence the forming flavours with the sizes of the barrels they use. This rum was aged for 8 years, comes from Barbados, and was further aged in former Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. The body is light, velvety but also rich and round, with honey, flowers, blood orange, peach, apricot, date, banana and raisin on the nose and the palate. 

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