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PLANTATION Sealander - Bortársaság


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Plantation sometimes surprises rum lovers with releases that stand out from the drinks aged in the Caribbean region or in the French Masion Ferrand area. Sealander is precisely such a product, created and assembled from three exceptional places: Barbados, Fiji and Mauritius. The message of the rum is “three origins, three oceans, one rum”, in which a truly unique spirit was created by combining fresh cane juice and molasses, and using pot still and column still distillation. The spirit is initially aged in tropical climates for several years in bourbon barrels, and then finished for 1 year in cognac barrels. The aromas on the nose are gentle and rich at the same time, with pear, quince and slightly smoky notes, followed by honey, liquorice, vanilla, caramel and prunes. The finish is characterized by baked apple, tonka beans and baked banana.

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