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QUORHUM 30 years Rum - Bortársaság

QUORHUM30 years Rum

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In the 19th century, instead of returning home at the end of his military service, Juanillo Oliver settled in Cuba and started making rum. In Cuba, not long after, the second revolution broke out and rum production stopped due to the losses. Nearly 100 years later, Juanillo's great-grandson, Pedro Ramon Oliver, returned to learn about his family's history. The hundreds of documents – with formulas and methods – he found had such an impact on him that he continued the work of his ancestor, but he established the new distillery in the Dominican Republic. This 30-year-old rum is made from pure sugar cane, distilled by the traditional pot-still method and matured in a unique, three-phase ageing procedure that was inspired by the Solera system. They used former bourbon barrels for this rum. The aromas of caramel and hazelnut are in perfect balance, complemented by a touch of wood and vanilla character. The palate is silky and velvety, to please the fans of Zacapa and El Dorado. After pouring it into the glass, it’s good to let it breathe, so that the aromas of the nose and the flavours of palate can open up. 

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