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BACHE-GABRIELSEN VSOP Triple Cask Cognac in gift box - Bortársaság

BACHE-GABRIELSENVSOP Triple Cask Cognac in gift box

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HUF 18 700
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HUF 17 140

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The three cellars of the fourth generation, of the more than a 100-year-old cognac house, are located in Louzac-Saint-André, a few kilometres from Cognac. Two of them are used for storage, the third for the blending of the eaux-de-vie. The final structure of the VSOP batch is given by the minimum 4 years of ageing, out of which three consecutive years are carried out in oak (1st year in small oak barrels, 2nd year blending and large barrels, 3rd year in small oak barrels). Oak, vanilla, almond and dried fruits (such as apricot and date). The palate is led by fruitiness and eastern spices. 

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