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HENNESSY - COGNAC V.S.O.P Privilége in Gift Box - Bortársaság

HENNESSY - COGNACV.S.O.P Privilége in Gift Box

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HUF 24 500
For club members or over 12 pcs.
HUF 22 450

Unit price: HUF 35 000 / litre. Our prices are gross prices.

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The first Hennessy VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) was commissioned by George IV in 1817. It’s a harmonious cognac, a silky, well-structured and refined spirit. It was created from a blend of about 60 different cognacs, with each ingredient having undergone double distillation to bring about the best flavours. Vanilla, cloves, cinnamon and the toasted notes of the oak barrels.

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