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DELAMAIN Vesper Cognac XO - Bortársaság

DELAMAINVesper Cognac XO

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Cognac is a protected designation of origin, a quality brandy which in all cases come from the French region of Cognac. After the harvest of the grapes that lasts till the end of October, the pressing and fermenting process is followed by the distillation of the wine. The brandy is subsequently aged in oak casks, so that the spirit can take its final shape.

Delamain is one of the oldest names among the cognac houses. It was founded by James Delamain in 1759. The brandies come exclusively from the Cognac region’s prime and most valuable area, from the ‘la Grande Champagne’ grape growing region. The high quality of the cognacs sold under the Delamain name has been acknowledged for a long time, so much so that other producers often benchmark their own cognacs to those of Delamain. The cognac used for the creation of Delamain Vesper has been aged for 35 years in 350-litre barrels made from French oak. This phase is followed by the stirring, and two years of ageing together i.e. the blending. The Delamain Vesper grows noble during this period to create a really full, mature, exciting and sophisticated cognac.

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