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BESTILLO Szomolya Cherry Pálinka - Bortársaság

BESTILLOSzomolya Cherry Pálinka

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HUF 18 900
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HUF 17 320

Unit price: HUF 27 000 / litre. Our prices are gross prices.

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“Once, while we were driving back from one of our trips to Budapest, we got a call. A man was offering us cherries from Szomolya. We got off the motorway and met up on the plantation, and the big encounter happened: my husband, Gábor, tasted the Szomolya cherry and I could tell from his shining eyes and mischievous smile that he’d fallen in love. So much so, in fact, that he brought back double the amount that was agreed. I ask him with every vintage and every fruit: “Well, how is it?”. The answer is usually, “It’s good”, but now, it’s the same shining eyes and mischievous smile….” Mónika Czar.

A ripe, rich, spicy nose of marzipan and dark chocolate, yet with a sweetish finish.

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